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ATOM/ADAM and Creation of Man From Mud


by Bandele Asukile on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 1:58pm ·

By way of showing and proving, which is basic to the Cultural framework of the Nation of Gods and Earths, the following is a concise explanation of the Divine Nature of the Original (Black) Asiatic Man, Woman, and Child.  We call your attention again to the Book of Genesis --- the Book of Genetics --- of the Holy Bible.  The word “Genesis” is an English word derived from the Greek language, it means “seed; or beginning”.  Genesis is the origin or coming into existence of something.  Other significant words related to Genesis are “genetic, genital, genius, genealogy, gender, generation, and genocide”, to name a few.  In the Holy Bible, book of Genesis, we are concerned with the First (Knowledge) ATOM/ADAM of Life which is the “seed” or “gene” from whence Allah, The Original Man (A.T.O.M) evolved Itself through the Triple Stage of Primordial Darkness (or, Blackness, Adh-Dhat) in the Womb of Universal Intelligence, --- an aspect of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence.  Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, the wife of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, has this to say regarding Triple Darkness:

“…so if we stay on the surface of our Teachings, this is what is meant by flat lining.  We have to go back to the beginning.  Not just the beginning of how we came to birth, but how the Great Master, came to bring us back into the Knowledge of where we originated in the vast creation of the Universe and the women played the most important part in giving Birth.
In that stage of the Universe it was called Womb [Wisdom]… when God was Self-Creating Himself with the elements in the darkness [KMT, KHEM, KHEMETIC (Black/Egyptian) CHEMISTRY, etc.], the Atoms, the Molecules, all of the things that naturally [are] created in space, or Self-Created in space, it was Himself drawing these elements together to create and fashion the First Human Being who is the God [ELOHIM] of the Universe [A.T.O.M = Allah, The Original Man].  We were there in the Consciousness of the thinking of God when He was making Himself up…Every element that makes up our DNA, our body, came from a Nova explosion of the stars and that as the stars exploded into space, then the chromosomes that make up our blood, that make up our bones, that make up our brains, everything.  So we are walking around with cosmic star material.  The Ancients knew this, so, therefore, they preserved this knowledge in ceremonies, traditions, where you can go, for example, to Africa being foremost in my mind right this minute, though you can go any place and their history will all be the same, we came from the stars…”
(Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, The Sacred Birthing Chamber in Triple Darkness)

This is High Science; and as our beloved sister explains, this High Science is cloaked in ceremony, ritual, myth, etc.  The Holy Bible mentions:

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” (Genesis 1:1-2)

The processes described above occurred over a period of many millions of years and first began trillions of years ago.  From the “darkness…on the face of the deep” the Supreme Intangible Intelligence --- Allah --- began to study Self and recognized, remembered, or dis-covered a second aspect of Self.  This second aspect of Self is the Womb (Wisdom) or Principle of Feminine Gender of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence: The Womb of Triple Stage of Darkness.  The gene or Genius of Life began to spin, began its activity (Wisdom, Intelligence) --- activation --- and reached high rates of speed in Its revolving, eventually forming (creating) what we know as the initial stages of the development of the material Universe with its various Atoms, Elements, Molecules, Planets and Organisms, and other bodies; also the Planet Earth, with its multitude of Life-forms.  This lengthy process is dramatized in the first (Knowledge) chapter of Genesis, where the Original (Black) Genius contained in the Gene of Life begins Its revolutions to reveal, by way of Involution and Evolution, Self:

“1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.
3 Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. 4 And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day.
6 Then God said, “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” 7 Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so. 8 And God called the firmament Heaven. So the evening and the morning were the second day.
9 Then God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear”; and it was so. 10 And God called the dry land Earth, and the gathering together of the waters He called Seas. And God saw that it was good.
11 Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth”; and it was so. 12 And the earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is in itself according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. 13 So the evening and the morning were the third day.
14 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years; 15 and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth”; and it was so. 16 Then God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. He made the stars also. 17 God set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth, 18 and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness. And God saw that it was good. 19 So the evening and the morning were the fourth day.
20 Then God said, “Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.” 21 So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. 22 And God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth.” 23 So the evening and the morning were the fifth day.
24 Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind”; and it was so. 25 And God made the beast of the earth according to its kind, cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.
26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
29 And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. 30 Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food”; and it was so. 31 Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day…” (Genesis 1:1-31)

We see here that Elohim’s (God’s) Word (Wisdom) created all that is: Let There Be [2, B].  The Supreme Intangible Intelligence operative as Elohim --- Its Imminence in Nature --- created via the Womb of Intelligence (Word, Wisdom, and Water).  Allah said, “Let us make man [ADAM] in Our image, according to Our likeness…”  This creative process is the Involution of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence as a “hidden Light”; the “Batin” (Hidden) “Zahir” (Evident; Light) that is Supremely Involved in the creation and sustaining of the Universe (‘Alamiyn, from ‘alama [Knowledge]) by virtue of speaking (Wisdom, Word) Its Intelligent Self (Knowledge) into the Womb or Belly (butuun, from Batin) of the Triple Stage of Darkness and thus replicating Itself as the Supreme Being: A.T.O.M: Allah, The Original Man.   According to the Science of Supreme Alphabets the 21st letter is “U”, which is “You or Universe”.  The Wisdom (2) replicates Knowledge (1) as the Understanding (3): ADAM/ATOM is called the Son (Sun) of God [Elohim, which is Masculine and Feminine].  This infers that ADAM/ATOM is the offspring --- the Cosmic Child: Understanding --- of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence’s Masculine and Feminine Principles.  The Incomprehensible aspect goes through the Comprehensible aspect to manifest with Clarity.  The Zahir (Evident) goes into Batin (Hidden).  Therefore, we see that the Comprehensive can be Hidden and the Incomprehensible can be Evident: a Divine Paradox, for some.  In Qur’an we see the Triple Stage of Darkness and the creation of all things mentioned with the “butuuni ummahatikum” (The Belly of your Mother).  “Butuuni” is from the same Arabic root as “Batin” (Hidden), that is, batana.
“He created the heavens and the earth in true (proportions):  He makes the Night overlap the Day, and the Day overlap the Night: He has subjected the Sun and the Moon (to His Law): Each one follows a course for a time appointed.  Is not He the Exalted in Power --- He Who forgives again and again?  He created you (all) from a Single Essence [Nafsun Wahida]: then created, of like nature, Its mate; and He sent down for you eight head of cattle in pairs: He makes you, in the wombs [butuuni, bellies] of your mothers, in stages, one after another, in three veils of darkness.  Such is Allah, your Lord and Cherisher: to Him belongs (all) dominion.  There is no god but He: then how are you turned away (from your true Centre)?” (Qur’an 39:5-6)

In these two verses “butuuni”, which is usually translated in Qur’an by the scholars as “belly” or “stomach” (or, bodies) is here translated as ‘WOMBS’.  Examples of this are:
“They say: What is in the wombs (butuun) of such and such cattle…” (Qur’an 6:139)

“And verily in cattle (too) will you find an instructive Sign.  From what is within their bodies (butuun)…” (Qur’an 16:66)

This is not a contradiction in imagery.  The “butuun” or “belly, --- stomach, bodies, --- hide (Batin) the Womb or Mercy (arham, related to the Arabic root “rahama”, meaning Mercy).  The Mercy or Womb --- creative laboratory --- is often Hidden (Batin, butuun) from us; from the naked eye.  The woman’s belly (butuun) hides the womb (arham); protects it (the womb, arham) from the outside environment so that the “seed” of Life can develop in a Merciful (Rahim) environment.  In other words, the Supreme Intangible Intelligence hides (batin) Itself in the belly (butuun) of the mother (Umm) where is the Womb (arham) of Mercy from whence the baby (Child, Understanding) will come out or manifest as Zahir (The Evident).  And while it may be Evident (Zahir) that the woman (Wisdom) is pregnant (with the seed  of Knowledge) the actual processes within the Womb (arham) are Hidden (Batin) from the naked eye!  This High Science is on all levels of Reality: Mental, Spiritual/Religious, and Physical, or any other conceptions of categories that we may consider.  The Universe --- everything that--- is the Womb or Wisdom (2) of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence (1) and the Womb of Wisdom (Butuun,  Batin) gives birth to (Zahir, makes Evident) the seed posited by Knowledge (The Light), which is Understanding: The Best Part.  This Understanding is the ATOM or ADAM; it is the seed (Gene) containing Genius; it is A.T.O.M: Allah, The Original Man.

The Bible mentions ADAM in the book of Genesis in a dignified way.  We see ADAM as the “image” or visualization of God.
“The God said, ‘Let Us make man [ADAM] in Our image, according to Our likeness.  They will rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, the livestock, all the earth, and the creatures that crawl on earth’”.  Genesis 1:26
Utilizing Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet, applying this Science to the word ADAM we see:
A.D.A.M = A (1) + D (4) + A (1) + M (13)
1+ 4+ 1+ 13 = 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1
ADAM is that reality that is designed to go from Knowledge (1) to Born (9) to realize or actualize Self [as the only] Savior (19, S).  This Self must have Knowledge (1) of the Cipher (0) of existence so that Justice (10, J) can be established and maintained.  Justice is that Living Principle that is the reward when we are right and exact; and is a corrective penalty when we are not right and exact.  Either way: Justice is your companion, as it assists us as we strive to realize Knowledge (1); as we strive to manifest Allah (1, A).  This is our Foundation; it is our Genesis implicit in our Genes that has been here since the Genesis.  It is representative of the Gender principles of male and female and translated via the Genitals from Generation to Generation; it is in our Genealogy.
Most agricultural seeds (Genes) that are planted in the ground are often cultivated and fertilized with manure.  The manure --- for some strange reason --- helps it to grow.  Manure is a fancy word for “bullshit”, literally.  Bull or Cow shit ---- a normally repulsive material --- is used to grow the seed, a seed already planted in the darkness of the earth.  ADAM --- the seed of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence --- similarly has to be planted or placed in the soil of materiality and work it’s Self out; it has to struggle to rise up.  And we all have to make use of “Bullshit” to realize our destiny, etc.  When we look at the stories of the fruit of the seed of ADAM in Bible or Qur’an we see the Bullshit that many of them had to go through.  Unfortunately, some of us focused on the Bullshit and forgot the Genius in the Gene (Seed).  We could even look at the book of Genesis as the “Ground” where the Genius is planted; and the book of Revelation as the revealing of the Fruit.  All that is between Genesis and Revelation is the story of the maturation of the Seed.  But we should never miss out on the Idea that the Supreme Being is in the Gene (ADAM).
To confirm the Idea that ADAM is of Divine stature, to confirm Genesis 1:26, we can look at Ezekiel 1: 26.  Notice that Ezekiel, as scholars would say, was written when the people were experiencing some Bullshit in the form of exile from Jerusalem.  But Ezekiel 1:26 mirrors the Idea given in Genesis 1:26:
“The shape of a throne with the appearance of sapphire stone was above the expanse.  There was a form with the appearance of a human [ADAM] on the throne high above”.  Ezekiel 1:26

In the Original, the word here translated as “human” is “ADAM”.  The “throne” represents the majesty of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence.  Sitting on the “throne” is “ADAM”, “high above” the negative “image” that is given out about us in popular media and otherwise.  The “builders” rejects the nature of ADAM as worthy to build Civilizations upon.  This is why it is written that the “stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone” (Matthew 21:42).
There are many theories about ADAM; about the first Human Beings.  I will not explore all of these theories in this work.  However, I will mention that in the Hebrew and Arabic languages and creation myths, ADAM is both male (Knowledge) and female (Wisdom) --- Masculine and Feminine.  The Supreme Intangible Intelligence, that Cloud of Unknowing, is that which always was and always will Be: it basically IS.  This Supreme Intangible Intelligence manifested the Elohim, an aspect of Itself which is both Masculine (Knowledge) and Feminine (Wisdom).  This is that aspect of Being that is spoken of in the Bible’s book of Genesis with “In the beginning God [Elohim] created the Heavens and the Earth.  The Elohim is the Knowledge and Wisdom working in Unity to eventually birth the Best Part: Understanding; 1 + 2 = 3.  The Best Part is Its manifestation as the Crown of Creation; the Supreme Being; ADAM, who is both male and female and not one person:
“And God [Elohim: Knowledge (Masculine) and Wisdom (Feminine) ] said, Let Us [Knowledge and Wisdom] make man [ADAM: male and female] in Our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion [Power, authority] over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the Earth.  So God [Elohim: Knowledge (Masculine) and Wisdom (Feminine) created man [ADAM] in his own image, in the image of God [Elohim: Knowledge (Masculine) and Wisdom (Feminine) created he him; male and female created he them.  And God [Elohim: Knowledge (Masculine) and Wisdom (Feminine) blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the Earth…”  Genesis 1: 26-27

Since Elohim is masculine and feminine, --- Knowledge and Wisdom --- ADAM is masculine and feminine.  This is, in part, the “image” that ADAM was “created” in.  the natural  consequence of Knowledge and Wisdom, Man and Woman, is Understanding or the Child: The Best Part.  This is the result of being “fruitful”; this is how we “replenish the earth” by making Knowledge Born: ADAM, 1+4+1+13 = 19.  Remember that “Father” and “Son” (or Child) are One: 19 = 1+9=10=1+0=1.

A.T.O.M can be interpreted via Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet as follows:

A (1) + T (20) + 0 (15) + M (13): 1+20+15+13=49=4+9=13=1+3=4

Within the ATOM is the directive to live the “Culture” (4) of “I-God” and express it as I.S.L.A.M.  This is the “Freedom” to be “Divine”.  The 49th Surah of Qur’an is Hujurat: The Inner Chambers.  In this case it is referencing the Inner Chambers of our Being, this is where resides the Genius or Light.  At any rate we must let our Culture (4) be Born (9); we must manifest the Divine (D, 4) I (I, 9).  This will show forth the Master (M, 13): the one who has Knowledge (1) and Understanding (3).


The Supreme Intangible Intelligence involutes into the Realm of Relativity --- the Realm of Be-Coming --- as the Supreme Being, the Original (Black) Man;  the maker, the owner, the Cream of the planet Earth; father of Civilization, God of the Universe.  We have mentioned above the Triple Stage of Darkness as it relates to the belly (butuun) and Womb of the mother.  However, what is hidden (Batin) in the Womb of the mother is an aspect of Zahir, which will in Time be Evident: The Fetus.  The hidden Genius or potentiality of the fetus is alluded to by the use in Qur’anic Arabic of the word “ajinnatu”, in Qur’an 53:32:

“…He knows you well when He brings you out of the earth, and when you are hidden [ajinnatu] in your mothers’ wombs [butuun]…” Qur’an 53:32

The word ‘ajinnatu’ lends intensity to the hiddenness implied by the use of ‘butuun’ for wombs.  It is more than a literary device to emphasize hiddenness.  The ‘ajinnatu’ is the developing human fetus with its hidden potential:  Supreme Being.  The word ‘ajinnatu’ (fetus) is related to the Arabic word “Jinn”; both come from the Arabic root “jann”.  Also related to this root are the Arabic words Jinn and Jannah; the former being supposed ‘hidden’ creatures or forces in the Universe, and the latter being the ‘hidden’ Gardens of Delight reserved for the Righteous.  Jinn are also said to be the hidden powerful aspects of humanity and the English word “Genius” --- and Gene --- is related to the word Jinn:

  • Genius: [from Latin, guardian spirit].  1. A) Exceptional intellectual and creative power.  B) One gifted with such power.  2. A) A natural inclination or talent.  B) The possessor of an inclination or talent.  3.  The prevailing spirit or character, as of a place, person, time or group.  4.  Plural of genii, Roman Mythology: A tutelary deity or guardian spirit of a person or place.  5.  One with great influence over another.  6.  A jinni.
  • Genie: [from Latin, genius, guardian spirit] 1. A) A supernatural creature who does one’s bidding.  2. Variable of Jinni.

The above definitions are instructive.  One Qur’anic scholar has this to say regarding Jinn:

“Jinns: who are they?  In 18:50 [of Qur’an] we are told that Iblis was one of the Jinns, and it is suggested that that was why he disobeyed the Command of Allah.  But in that passage and other similar passages, we are told that Allah commanded the angels to bow down to Adam, and they obeyed except Iblis.  That implies that Iblis had been of the company of angels.  In many passages Jinns and men are spoken of together.  In 55:14-15 [of Qur’an], man is stated to have been created from clay, while Jinns from a flame of fire.  The root meaning of junna, yujannu, is ‘to be covered or hidden’, and janna yajunnu, in the active voice, ‘to cover or hide’; as in 6:76 [of Qur’an].  Some people say that jinn therefore means the hidden qualities or capacities in man; others that it means wild or jungle folk hidden in the hills or forests.  I do not wish to be dogmatic, but I think, from a collation and study of the Qur’anic passages, that the meaning is simply ‘a spirit’, or an invisible or hidden force.  In folklore stories and romances like the Arabian Nights they become personified into fantastic forms, but with them we are not concerned here.  Both Qur’an and the Hadith describe the Jinn as a definite species of living beings.  They are created out of fire and are like man, may believe or disbelieve, accept or reject guidance.  The authoritative Islamic texts show that they are not merely a hidden force, or a spirit.  They are personalized beings who enjoy a certain amount of free will and thus will be called to account”.  A. Yusuf ‘Ali

Interesting!  Mr. ‘Ali made very pertinent points but stopped short of declaring the insights that we --- the Nation of Gods and Earths --- know form the study of Ourselves.  His stopping short was for him a matter of not being “dogmatic”, perhaps.  Close examination, however, shows and prove Jinn or the Fetus (ajinnatu) as the Potency of the Hidden qualities of Man; the genius of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence hidden in the belly (butuun) of the mother; the genius is the Hidden Power that must be developed --- as in the 9 months that the fetus (ajinnatu) resides in the Womb, or by living the Science of Supreme Mathematics, from Knowledge (1) to Born (9), --- and harnessed as Man (The Supreme Being) by the Light of the Heavens and Earth (Allah) that is implicit in its being, at the center of each cell of the Human organism.  This is the “mud” or “clay” that is molded (developed) into shape by the Supreme Intangible Intelligence.  Qur’an cites this procedure as follows:

“We created man from sounding clay, from mud molded into shape; and the Jinn race, We had created before, from the fire of a scorching wind.  Behold!  Thy Lord said to the angels: I am about to create man, from sounding clay from mud molded into shape; when I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My Spirit, fall ye down in obeisance unto him”.  Qur’an 15:26-29

The “sounding clay” calls to mind the ATOM of Life, created from the elements and properties of the Universal Order; it is the concise expression of Allah’s involution into the Realm of Relativity (Mud) and Its Self development as the Supreme Being: The Original (Black) Man.  The angels being told to “fall down in obeisance [sajdiyn]” to this creation is indicative of Allah’s Powers (Al-Mala’ikah, The Angels) being subservient to this creation, because the Spirit of Allah (Ruhi, “My Spirit”) is in the Supreme Being (Man).  The Jinn is Allah’s Power hidden in the potentialities of Man that must go along with the DNA --- Divine Nature [of] Allah; this is why the Jinn are told to make obeisance to Man along with the Angels.

The Hidden Force is the “fire of a scorching wind”; and even in the physical replication of the Supreme Being on the level between the male and female there is the “fires of Passion” that precedes and ignites the sexual recreation (re-Creation) of the Supreme Being, when the male seed during sexual intercourse is planted into the female to fertilize the female’s egg that becomes the fetus (ajinnatu) hidden (Batin) in the belly (butuun) and is shaped and at last made manifest or Evident (Zahir) by the swelling of the belly,  ---- the developing in 9 (Born) months ---- until it is born (9) as a Human Being with potential (Power) to be a Supreme Being, because the Angels and Jinns --- both variations of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence’s Light --- are commanded to fall down in “obeisance unto him”.  Still, man has the potential or tendency to forget (nisaa) his high stature, and this is why remembrance of Allah is said to be the greatest thing.  Clay or Mud is impressionable and we will either be impressed by the Remembrance of Allah ---- Dhikr, or we will forget.  “Dhikr”, as previously stated means “males”; one of the Arabic words for women (nisaa, which means to be forgetful) is “Unthaa”.  Unthaa means pliable steel; soft steel that is able to be shaped.  The Masculine aspect of the Supreme Being is to Re-Member Allah; the Feminine aspect is to not be “nisaa” or forgetful but, to be strong pliable steel (Unthaa) and receive the Seed of the male and develop it in her Belly (Butuun), which encloses the Merciful Laboratory (Womb, Arham) of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence, thus making Evident (Zahir) the Hidden (Batin) Light.  This is recounted in Qur’an thus:

“O mankind!  We created you from a male [dhakarin] and a female [Unthaa] and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other).  Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.  And Allah has full knowledge and is well-acquainted (with all things)”.  Qur’an 49:13

We have mentioned that in the Holy Bible, in the book of Genesis 1:26, God said, “Let Us make man in our image, according to our likeness” and that after a passage of Time, trillions of years, some contend, God “breathed into his [man’s] nostrils the breath of Life; and man became a Living Being” (Genesis 2:7).  This “breath of Life” is the Genius of Allah ---- The Supreme Intangible Intelligence ---- transported as Man (ADAM, from the Hebrew word “adamah”, meaning “earth, ground”.  This is representative of the physical incarnation or involution of Allah), the Gene or Seed of Allah; it is the genetic code of G.O.D (Good Orderly Direction) at the center of each cell that makes up the Human Organism, the Original (Black) Asiatic (Earth, or Body [Asia] and Mind [Attic] ) Man, that is currently carried in our DNA --- Divine Nature [of] Allah or Divine Now Allah --- and is passed on through our Genitals via the Masculine and Feminine Principles of Gender.  This is why genealogy plays a paramount role throughout Biblical and other scriptural narratives.  For example:

23 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli,
24 Which was the son of Matthat, which was the son of Levi, which was the son of Melchi, which was the son of Janna, which was the son of Joseph,
25 Which was the son of Mattathias, which was the son of Amos, which was the son of Naum, which was the son of Esli, which was the son of Nagge,
26 Which was the son of Maath, which was the son of Mattathias, which was the son of Semei, which was the son of Joseph, which was the son of Juda,
27 Which was the son of Joanna, which was the son of Rhesa, which was the son of Zorobabel, which was the son of Salathiel, which was the son of Neri,
28 Which was the son of Melchi, which was the son of Addi, which was the son of Cosam, which was the son of Elmodam, which was the son of Er,
29 Which was the son of Jose, which was the son of Eliezer, which was the son of Jorim, which was the son of Matthat, which was the son of Levi,
30 Which was the son of Simeon, which was the son of Juda, which was the son of Joseph, which was the son of Jonan, which was the son of Eliakim,
31 Which was the son of Melea, which was the son of Menan, which was the son of Mattatha, which was the son of Nathan, which was the son of David,
32 Which was the son of Jesse, which was the son of Obed, which was the son of Booz, which was the son of Salmon, which was the son of Naasson,
33 Which was the son of Aminadab, which was the son of Aram, which was the son of Esrom, which was the son of Phares, which was the son of Juda,
34 Which was the son of Jacob, which was the son of Isaac, which was the son of Abraham, which was the son of Thara, which was the son of Nachor,
35 Which was the son of Saruch, which was the son of Ragau, which was the son of Phalec, which was the son of Heber, which was the son of Sala,
36 Which was the son of Cainan, which was the son of Arphaxad, which was the son of Sem, which was the son of Noe, which was the son of Lamech,
37 Which was the son of Mathusala, which was the son of Enoch, which was the son of Jared, which was the son of Maleleel, which was the son of Cainan,
38 Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.      St. Luke 3:23-38

Most Christians and students of the Holy Bible would say that Jesus was not the “son of Joseph”, Mary’s husband.  This genealogy appears to be of no consequence.  However, what this genealogy serves to preserve is the link of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence as Elohim (God) to Its manifestation on the physical plane as Jesus (Just-Us).  It is the High Science of the involution of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence into the Realm of Relativity as a Supreme Being --- our righteous brother, Jesus.  Also, it is indicative of the Original Man’s connection to the Supreme Intangible Intelligence.  This is the importance of the Jesus story.

The Supreme Being, as the Original (Black) Man, is made in the best of molds; he is the Zahir or Evident manifestation of Allah: Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head:  A.L.L.A.H.  We may ask: “If man is the Supreme Being --- God in flesh --- why is it that we cause trouble and havoc”?  The Qur’an anticipated our question and has the Angels similarly inquiring:
“Behold, thy Lord said to the Angels: ‘I will create a vicegerent on earth’.  They said: ‘wilt Thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood?   ---- Whilst we do celebrate Thy praises and glorify Thy Holy (name)?’  He said: ‘I know what ye know not”.  Qur’an 2:30
The involution implies the Supreme “purpose” of the Biblical command: Let There Be Light.  The vicegerent is the result of the outpouring of the creative energies of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence into what was and is the Supreme Being: The Original (Black) Man.  This Supreme Being is made in the Best of Molds and would go to the lowest depths in the process of involution, eventually it would evolve back to its Supreme Beingness.  The Qur’an mentions this by stating:
“We have indeed created man in the best of molds, then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low”.  Qur’an 95:4-5
Speaking of our capacities as Supreme Beings, Qur’an states:
“And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character”.  Qur’an 68:4
This is an insufficient interpretation of the original Arabic:
Wa innaka la’ala khuluqin ‘athiym:
“And thou (or you) are the high being, greatest”.
Wa = and; innaka = verily you; la’ala = the high; khuluqin = being or creature; ‘athiym = great, high. 
Speaking of the majesty of the Supreme Being (Khuluqin ‘athiym) the scholar A.Yusuf ‘Ali notes:
“We have indeed created man in the best of molds, then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low…”
“I will create a vicegerent [Khalifah] on earth…”
“Taqwim: mold, symmetry, form, nature, constitution.  There is no fault in Allah’s creation.  To man Allah gave the purest and best nature, and man’s duty is to preserve the pattern on which Allah has made him: Qur’an 30:30.  But by making him His vicegerent, Allah exalted him in posse even higher than the Angels, for the Angels had to make obeisance to him (Qur’an 2:30-34, and n.48).  But man’s position as vicegerent also gives him will and discretion, and if he uses them wrongly he falls even lower than the beasts”.  A.Yusuf ‘Ali
The Bible says:
1  God standeth in the congregation of the mighty;
he judgeth among the gods.
2  How long will ye judge unjustly,
and accept the persons of the wicked?
3  Defend the poor and fatherless:
do justice to the afflicted and needy.
4  Deliver the poor and needy:
rid them out of the hand of the wicked.
5  They know not, neither will they understand;
they walk on in darkness:
all the foundations of the earth are out of course.
6  I have said, Ye are gods;
and all of you are children of the Most High.
7  But ye shall die like men,
and fall like one of the princes.
8  Arise, O God, judge the earth:
for thou shalt inherit all nations.   Psalm 82

This chapter of the Holy Bible’s book of Psalm concisely elucidates the “Purpose” of the involution of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence and Its work --- via the Supreme Being ---- as “gods” (Elohim) to defend the “poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy” etc.  Again, A.Yusuf ‘Ali, commenting on Qur’an 2:30 says:
“It would seem that the Angels, though holy and pure, and endued with power from Allah, yet represented only one side of Creation.  We may imagine them without passion or emotion, of which the highest flower is Love.  If man was to be endued with emotions, those emotions could lead him to the highest and drag him to the lowest.  The power of will or choosing would have to go with them, in order that man might steer his own bark.  This power of will (when used aright) gave him to some extent a mastery over his own fortunes and over nature, thus bringing him nearer to the God-like nature, which has supreme mastery and will.  We may suppose the Angels had no independent wills of their own: their perfection in other ways reflected Allah’s perfection but could not raise them to the dignity of vicegerency [Khalifah].  The perfect vicegerent is he who has the power of initiative himself, but whose independent action always reflects perfectly the will of his Principal.  The distinction is expressed by Shakespeare (Sonnet 94) in those fine lines: ‘They are lords and owners of their faces.  Others but stewards of their excellence’.  The Angels in their one-sidedness saw only the mischief consequent on the misuse of the emotional nature by man: perhaps they also, being without emotions, did not understand the whole of Allah’s nature, which gives and asks for Love.  In humility and true devotion to Allah, they remonstrate: We must not imagine the least tinge of jealousy, as they are without emotion.  This mystery of Love being above them, they are told that they do not know, and they acknowledge (in 2:32) not their fault (for there is no question of fault) but their imperfection of knowledge.  At the same time, the matter is brought home to them when the actual capacities of man are shown to them (2:31, 33)”.  A.Yusuf ‘Ali

The essence of the line of reasoning in our above statement is the Supreme Intangible Intelligence, with Its Purpose to “Let There Be Light”, illuminating the Heavens and the Earth.  This is achieved via Angels, Jinn, Man, and all that is between them and that which serves as support for their existence, so to speak.  We have the involution of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence starting with the “Best of molds” and “stand[ing] in the congregation of the mighty” to involve Itself at the center of each cell that make up the Organism (organization) of the Human Body.  This is the Supreme Being created to be the “vicegerent (Khalifah)” of the Supreme Intangible Intelligence; it is a being or creature (Khuluqin) that is the “apex” (la’ala) of Life in the Realm of Relativity; it is “great, high, supreme” (‘athiym).  We concur with Mr. ‘Ali when he mentions that “man’s duty is to preserve the pattern on which Allah has made him”.  Let us examine this thought: The Duty of Preserving the Pattern on which Allah made Humanity.

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